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Wow. I have been a deviant for a year now...or so I am told. I have been busy, VERY busy. I am working as a full time visiting professor, working 20-30 hours at a hardware ( DIY ) store, continuing my freelance design activities, and trying to start up my own business selling my journals. That's 4 jobs. =P


I am sick - not enough rest, and tired; working way to hard. Artistically, my creative process has been limited recently to my theater designs. Last weekend I chaperoned a trip to New York City and got to do some photography. I hope to post some of them soon! Even as I type, we are getting ready for a run-through of a show whose set I designed - pictures of that to come soon as well I hope.

I am truly sorry to all of those friends I have here, or at least had, before my extended leaves. I hope that once Mid December rolls around I will have some quantity of time to spend on "non-business" art. I am sorry I have not commented on your works. Please rest assured that I have thought of everyone here often, and have tried repeatedly to get more time here.

But enough blather. I want to look at everyone's art now!

~love and affection always~
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What is going on with me? well... I just got rejected from a job I interviewed for in Pittsburg Kansas. ~shrug~ I wish them well. It would have been a very big promotion for me, but once again I get the "fucked over stick."  It would have been weird going from University of Pittsburgh (PA) to Pittsburg State University (KS) anyway. I had such hopes; but as a colleague of mine used to say - "wish into one hand, shit in the other, see which fills up quicker for you."

I leave in a week for Juniata College to do a lighting design for their professional theatre company "The Gravity Project." I am very excited for this. When I return we go right into technical rehearsals for Urinetown:The Musical. As such, I am working against the clock at my home university to get the set done before I leave. With some luck there will be new, wonderful, professional imagery coming soon--or some good horror stories. Either way, should be a good time.

I am also eager to resume work on my tarot deck. This is a project that has been on hold WAY too long. I would have started soon but the f---ing snow has not cut me a break and after clearing 47+ inches of the stuff, I have decided that I hate winter now too. Ah well. in any event. I talk to much and produce too little. I plan on spending the next day or so working to get me inbox clear so I can produce my own art with reckless abandon.

Please be well,
Best wishes.
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A new, "real" journal entry will be forth coming in a day or two. In the meantime please help me out by voting for which ID you think I should use

Number one: Winter Id candidate 1 by oldsoulmasquer

or Number two winter Id candidate 2 by oldsoulmasquer
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Sorry I have not been on recently. To catch up and be brief, I made out like a bandit for Christmas. I was given a new camera by my parents - which I REALLY wanted. It is a 15 mega pixel SLR, My first one. (as opposed to my 8 meg cannon power shot.)  My friends all pooled together and gave me art supplies I desperately needed (supplies were running low.)

Unfortunately, I came down sick Christmas day. I had a sore throat for a day or 2 prior so was not surprised - but still sad. I was just too tired and miserable to work on any projects, especially since my "studio" is in the most under heated part of the basement. It got worse when, on the night of new year's day, I became VIOLENTLY ill and even spent 2 nights sleeping on the floor of the bathroom because I was too weak to stand, much less get up and go back and forth from the bed -ICK!

I have gotten better now, just in time for the new semester to start, thank goodness. But it means the 2 weeks I had planned on having to work exclusively on art projects were consumed with me having nothing to show for it. =(  So I apologize for not posting anything as of late. It also means I have fallen WAY behind on reviewing and commenting on the art in my in-box, sorry.

So I will be working the next few days on trying to get the 185...6. make that 186 (~snort~) deviations a little more under control. Thank you to those of you who still visited and sent messages, I am working on replying to those as well. I do like meaningful conversations.

I am also VERY excited to take the camera out, and perhaps a new I.D?

Best wishes and talk to you all soon!
John  :work:
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well. I have completed my "real life" duties for the semester and am watching the approaching the holidays with my usual sense of dread and malicious intent. While everyone I know will be headed out with/ to their BF/ GF/ Partner to one or other parents' place and spending time nestled together with each other, I will be in my cold basement, alone with my art supplies--assuming I am sober and conscious. Have I mention how much I hate the f---ing holidays? Starting now through valentines day (feb 14) is one long "sucks to be single" fest for me. It is like having the flesh stripped from both arms, then having both arms stuck into a bag of salt. in case you are wondering I have ALWAYS been single for EVERY christmas, new years, AND valentines day that I have been alive. yeah, I know, "whaaaa- sucks to be you- get over it." In the words of...someone -"Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it!"

On a different note. I am considering taking a break from DA when my subscription runs out in 3 weeks. I am not real happy with the art I have been creating recently. I feel like I am rushing it just so I can post in here in a vain effort to get more pageviews- Which is also failing spectacularly. I would, however, like to thank those of you who have been posting comments and encouragements to me. I still have 3 weeks before I need to make up my mind, so we will see.

Sorry to be so dark and pissey on what should be a holiday of light and joy. The reality is I have it so much better than the homeless and starving I should be more thankful; I guess I am just an ungrateful, spoiled, brat. And I beg your forgiveness for this downer of a post. I am sure that eventually "this too shall pass".

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well. I am almost done. I have one more class to teach, a test to administer (and grade) then I am done until January - and looking forward to some well earned and deserved (if I do say so myself) time with my brushes, paints, and camera.

I have caught up with my messages - sorry to those i kept waiting. I now have 78 Deviations to sort through. I will try to comment on most of them, but it seems rather...improbable. So if you have submitted something in the past week or so and I have not replied, please do not think I have blown it off; I just have not had the time to give it that it deserves.

Thank you to those who checked out my website for my free lance theatrical design work I appreciate the comments.

Well.. enough journaling I think, time for me to get back to the art!

Best wishes to you all.

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First I am excited to announce that my "professional" website is up and running. Please feel free to visit and let me know what think either in e-mail or notes here.

The play I designed and my pottery show are both over, though I still have another day or 2 of long hard work.

I am also finally caught up with the notes, messages, and deviations I had waiting for me here. I was truly joyful to have them waiting and I am looking forward to more art from all of you.

As far as MY art goes. Tuesday is my first day off in over 2 months. I am planning on sleeping for about 37 hours - this from a guy who averages 4-5 hours a night of sleep. In fact I may move the bed to beside the refrigerator so if I DO wake up, hungry, I can grab a snack without getting out of bed before I fall asleep again! Lol. in any event. I have several projects waiting for me including the last 2 panels of my Enemy Within series, some stock textures and new (different) tunnels I photographed, some paintings and a few contest entries I want to work on. Looking forward to it!

Thank you again, to everyone who has stopped by in my absence! :heart: thank you.
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Tonight is opening night of "The Duchess of Malfi" and tomorrow is my potter show.

Life is calming down and I am trying to get my DAlife caught up as well. I have responded to most of the messages I had and am also working my way through the 30 deviations I had this week as well as posting some of my own.

Hope to see ya here soon.

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Hello all.

I've been here over a month and I am very happy to have made some regular correspondents and friends. Sadly I have not been on much the past few days- and the next week will be rough as well.

I have a play opening in 4 days (pictures to follow here) that I designed the set for and also supervised the projections and other technical crews. This is a really busy time for us. I also have a pottery show opening the day after the play, AND to top it all off I got food poisoning this weekend from a wedding I went to.

I have several days off from November 24 through nov 28 and then a large part of December off as well. I am looking forward to creating many new works over those times.

Thank you to all who continue to visit me in my absence :heart: you are the best!

Hope to "see" you all again VERY soon.
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  • Reading: "to do lists" and budgets
  • Watching: rehearsals and student workers
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First, I want to thank those of you visiting my page. It means a lot to me. I know I do not have the hoard of images some do, but my views per deviation are still much lower than most others I have noticed with similar stats.

Today brought the first real sunny day in a week or so. I do not usually like the sun but it made for a good day with the camera. Some of the pics have been posted - namely the series "Last Leaves of Autumn". I also captured some more nice tree textures, mosses, and some nice cemetery images. Sadly I am just not feeling up to working them up and posting.

I think think the weeks of "burning the candle at both ends" (and the middle) have caught up and I may be coming down with something--when I can least afford it. I have 2 weeks to get a set finished (built) and to get my pottery labeled, priced, and cataloged for a show (the same weekend as my play ~smacks hand to head~). My professional site is now officially behind as well. =(


Well. I will try to get those images up asap. Some of the cemetery will be features, the others will be in stock for people to use as they see fit.

Major thank you again to those of you faving and visiting me. Feel free to leave a message saying hi.
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Well. A day of mixed blessings. I did not get to go where I had planned for my shoot today, as they were working on a bridge and there was no way into the place. Instead I went to a local state forest and got some decent shots. I have added a 3 piece series featuring the grim reaper (played by me) I took over a hundred other shots, some will be posted as nature shots, and the rest are going to start a morgue. ... I think you call them stocks on here. Once you see that posted help yourself.

I plan to venture out next week if I get a chance. I will be gone for a few days, on a trip to boston.

Best wishes and I hope to have you visit again soon.
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Have free time tuesday-- in a usefull block. Looking forward to taking the camera out to the mountain. some pics will be coming tue night or wed night--for anyone who cares
  • Listening to: The voices in my head--no really (J/k-lol)
  • Reading: Faust Part I - Goethe
  • Watching: My weight.
  • Playing: not really
  • Eating: Corn meal mush with hot sauce
  • Drinking: Vitamin Water - lots. Many sickies around me
getting real life caught up. more coming here in next day or so.
So. I am currently building a set I have designed for a modern production of The Duchess of Malfi; while helping an Opera Company get ready for a November debut of their new production (Squonk Opera's Majesty and Mayhem), while trying to get ready for a pottery show in mid Nov AND trying to get my professional web site re-constructed. I am busy, if you come here and are un-impressed with the quantity of content (and quality) please give me a few weeks and believe it will be better.
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Friends have encouraged me to start my own "Deviation(s)" So.... here I am. I am working on this and hope to have some stuff up in a week or 2. Most of my work is 3-dimensional so I am sure I will end up with a lot of photos.
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