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well. I am almost done. I have one more class to teach, a test to administer (and grade) then I am done until January - and looking forward to some well earned and deserved (if I do say so myself) time with my brushes, paints, and camera.

I have caught up with my messages - sorry to those i kept waiting. I now have 78 Deviations to sort through. I will try to comment on most of them, but it seems rather...improbable. So if you have submitted something in the past week or so and I have not replied, please do not think I have blown it off; I just have not had the time to give it that it deserves.

Thank you to those who checked out my website for my free lance theatrical design work I appreciate the comments.

Well.. enough journaling I think, time for me to get back to the art!

Best wishes to you all.

  • Listening to: Russian Orthodox Church Music
  • Reading: Lovecraft
  • Watching: News
  • Playing: Overlord I (xbox 360 - Are minions fun or what! =)
  • Eating: Toast, cheese, fruit
  • Drinking: Burgundy (the wine, not the colour)
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TigerLilian Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2009
:party: You sounds really busy, I hope you get some down time.
oldsoulmasquer Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2009
" no rest for the wicked - and the righteous don't need any." Question is, am I REALLY REALLY bad? or REALLY REALLY rightous? lol
TigerLilian Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2009
I'd say righteous!
oldsoulmasquer Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009
"Only time will tell" heheh
TigerLilian Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009
:dance: Very true!
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December 6, 2009


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